October 30, 2014

my moon . . .

the WHOLE time i was pregnant with my lil guy brix
i was so inspired & in awe over the moon
i really don't know why
maybe because it made me stop
look up & stare
realizing how beautiful life is
how amazing it was to be growing a sweet babe
& how grateful i was to be pregnant

that love for the moon became kinda of "thing" for me
his nursery was decorated around the moon
i collect books for him that are about the moon
i stop & stare at him everyday
he reminds me how life can be so simple & beautiful
he is my moon
him & his daddy are my life(&my sweet pups too)

so therefore for his first H A L L O W E E N
he was the M O O N

cutest moon i ever did see!
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October 13, 2014

pumpkin for my 10 month lil punkin . . .

this time of year is always just sooo good for the soul
who doesn't love fall

brix loved the pumpkins
he would point & say ooooooooo
being a parent is such a gift
to watch him discover all the many things that this world has to offer
it's incredible!

& can anybody tell me how my baby just turned 10 months today!
how do these months go by so fast, it kills me & i'm sure all you mummas can relate

brix is so smart & very very observant
he is starting to say doggie, ducky, bye bye, & were thinking he is trying to say water
this last week he took about 7 steps on his own
his hair is really coming in & blonde as can be
he still LOVES sweet potatoes
his new favorite food is pancakes with applesauce
still no teeth
he enjoys pointing at everything
his favorite toys are any kind of ball, oh & he can say bahhh (that means ball)
when we read him books he jibbers right along with us
& my most favorite is he loves to love, cuddles all day long, & really enjoys being in bed with mumma & daddy!

he is the sweetest little boy & i'll say it over & over again . . . i'm so lucky to be his mum!

now . . .
halloween is just right around the corner & so many of you have asked what are you going to dress up your lil guy as ?
& your doggies ?

well my people . . .
it's gonna be a GOOD one!
i can't wait ! ! !
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June 13, 2014

6 months . . .

today is june, friday the 13th
my baby Brix Van Wrights half year birthday

i can't believe how fast time has flown

you think time flies when your having fun
just wait till you have a kid
people aren't kidding when they say it goes soooo fast!

i love being a mum
i love being his mum!


your such a good baby boy for your mumma & dadda
you make us laugh more than we ever have in our lives
all the baby milestones you have gone through are such a treasure to watch

right now we are introducing you to foods
& man do you love food! you chunked right up when we started rice cereal
but your absolute favorite food to eat right now are sweet potatos

you love to wake us up by jibber jabbering to yourself
you watch pocket & monday like their the most amazing thing you've ever seen
drool drool drool, your a drool monster & were just waiting for those teefies to show up

your little chubby feet are full of so much expression
you are constantly putting them in your mouth & trying so hard to grab things with them
especially dadda's beard

didn't think i would have a blanky baby
you roll your eyes back every time i snuggle it up against your face
it's so soft & fluffy you just rub it with your fingers & toes till you fall asleep
you have to have it every time it's nap time too

water is your favorite thing!
swimming, taking a tub, splashing, trying to lean down to drink it,
or just simply putting your hand in a bowl of water
you LOVE it!

you HATE having your nose cleaned
it takes mum & dad both to pick your nose
silly boy

you would rather stand than sit
you've mastered the whole rolling over stage
grandmum has taught you to kiss & to watch you do it to her . . . it's the sweetest thing

you laugh at the most random things lately like,
mums legs moving up & down on the floor
if we stare at you, you just do this little giggle which is our fav
or just the sound of a really high voice you laugh

you make this face we call the popeye face
it's where you bite down on your gums & push your lips out . . .it's tooo cute!

lil man you have completely taken over your parents hearts!
we LOVE you SO much . . . it's indescribable how much we LOVE you!
can't wait to see what the next 6 months have in store...but you can take your sweet time our precious little baby boy!

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June 03, 2014

i'm back!

well hello!
it's time to get back into what i love doing

but i'm going to ease slowly back into it.
so friends, i'm back up & running if you would like photos done! yay! 
email me at mnwphoto@gmail.com

i'm so bad at getting all my film work up
i'm going to be better at doing that! i promise!
this shoot happened 2 years ago . . .  serious!
i'm horrible haha
but it's still my favorite shoot i've ever done! & the film just makes it. . . boom boom pow! 

my sweet friends zane & miranda just got married this last month & i couldn't be happier for this good looking couple! i'm actually going to be doing another shoot with them in their wedding attire . . . so more to come of them! cant' wait!

& i have to publicly thank an old friend Troy Demill for letting me borrow his bad ass land cruiser (which i've always been obsessed with) it was the perfect touch for this shoot! not to mention i LOVE the pukey yellow/greenish color!

so for now my friends . . . i'm back!
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March 18, 2014

brix van wright...

um. . . yeah it's been over 3 months since i blogged
& i thought i would get my birth story up with in the first 2 weeks after my bundle was born

pshhhhh yup that didn't happen

finally today
i want to share my birth story . . .

it was thursday december 12th
the day i had my appointment to get my membranes stripped
now  . . . his due date was december 18th & i told my doc he better come before or on his due date
i was not about to have a baby close to christmas or on christmas
personally . . .  i would just feel bad for him having to celebrate his birthday right by the most celebrated holiday ever
but now i realize december is such a joyful time of year & i will make his birthday special no matter what day he was born.

but . . . josh & i were hoping he would come on friday the 13th like his mumma! (mumma was born on friday september 13)

so . . .
i had my membranes stripped
um . . . ouchy!
i was also 1 1/2 cm dilated & 100% effaced, so things were looking great
my doctor jokingly said "okay guys, see you tomorrow!"
we walked out feeling hopeful!

i was ready
ready to go through labor
ready to sleep on my stomach
ready to squeeze my husband close
but most of all ready to meet our lil man!

last picture i took before going into labor
 photo b20_zps84b695d2.jpg
that night we went christmas shopping & walked the mall for a good 3-4 hours
then we got home and i started packing our hospital bags & finished putting his room together
for the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy i just tried to keep myself as busy as possible
the anxious feeling got stronger everyday that passed closing in on his due date

i went to bed that night at midnight
i woke up at 2 a.m. to lower back pain that felt like menstrual cramping
it didn't hurt & i really didn't think much of it so i went back to sleep
then i woke up again at 4 a.m. to a much stronger pain in my lower back
i still wasn't sure if this was it? if i was in labor or not?
so josh told me to start timing them
they were coming on pretty strong, but bearable
right off the bat they were a minute apart & lasting 30-50 seconds each
i started thinking . . . okay, i know these are contractions!

i was walking around our house gathering things together
the pain just kept getting worse & worse
josh said, "i think this is it babe, lets go to the hospital. the contractions are waaaay too close not to".
after an hour & half we were headed to the hospital

during the ride at 5:30 a.m. to the hospital
the thoughts that were running through my head were,
-ha ha no way!!! what a perfect day to have our baby boy . . . friday the 13th
-it was a beautiful foggy morning
-this is it . . . we are going to finally meet our sweet baby boy
-these contractions are awful, here comes another one
-i don't get how women have the urge to scream during contractions . . . too much effort. my screams were just a small whimper
-are we there yet!!!

we pulled up to the hospital
we entered into the lobby & my water broke. my water broke!!!
*tmi* feeling gush run down my legs made things feel like this is for real, it's really gonna happen . . .  holy crap i'm going to push out my baby today!

right after my water broke the contractions came like huge waves of pain
holy mother!!!
 photo b1_zpse6e9cb3c.jpg
when i found out i was pregnant i wanted to prepare myself for every situation of labor
sure, i'd like to try it all natural, see what my body is capable of & made for
c-section scared me a bit but if that was the way to get him here, then so be it
if i know that i can't take the pain, don't feel bad getting an epidural
no matter what way of labor, i want him to arrive healthy & safely, that's all that really mattered
 photo b2_zpsf7e237db.jpg
by 8 am i told josh
screw this!
give me the epidural
i was dilated at a 3 when they gave me the epidural

now. . .
i hate needles
i was scared to death to get the epidural
everyone told me that they didn't feel it & it actually feels good because of the pressure
i crouched over on the bed into fetal position
i could here the anesthesiologist getting it ready
i concentrated on my contractions & was biting down on my lips

when the doctor put the numbing in first
oh boy! i jumped! it felt like somebody put a freakin fire torch right against my skin!
the anesthesiologist got mad at me
he said, "you can't move, this procedure is very serious! you move again & you will have a natural child birth."
i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry!!!
so i bucked down & made sure i did not move a muscle
 photo b3_zps7710b7cb.jpg
once the meds kicked in
everything was a breeze
i felt so so so much better, except for the shakes.
i got the shakes bad & they didn't go away even though i felt completely relaxed

what was cool about my epidural is that i was numb
but i could still feel the pressure of my contractions, i still knew when one was coming on but felt no pain at the same time

my nurse checked me ever 2 hours
after i got the epidural i was feeling SO excited & relaxed . . . pretty much on a high
i couldn't believe it was happening still!
10am came around & my nurse told me i was a 5 & making great progress

all of the sudden . . .
i spiked a fever & baby boys heart beat went up
WHAT?!!! WHY?!
i got a little worried
so they put me on antibiotics
but they told me since i will be on them that they will have to take baby boy right after birth to run some tests to make sure everything is ok. . .
this made me panic a little bit inside(ok A LOT), like thinking of every possible bad thing that could happen but trying not to at the same time!
 photo b4_zpsfcdea190.jpg
my sweetheart of a husband josh said a prayer
nothing better than feeling the love of his words calm down my nerves
we were staying very positive & hopeful
we just wanted our baby to get here safely & healthy!

after an hour my fever went down & baby boys heart beat settled down too
i was SO grateful & extremely happy that things turned around
my nurse said if they didn't,  then they might have to do a C-section

my nurse came back to check me at noon
so between the hours of 10am to 12pm i did feel a pushing sensation
& some pressure down below

when she checked me she looked at me with a shocked face
she said, "you are a 10 +2, your ready to push!"
YAY! it's time to meet our lil man!

we had to wait for my doctor cause a bunch of other women were ready to push as well
but my nurse said this is good, lil boy will have more time to descend.

finally my doc came in a half hour later!
here we gooooo!
i have to say that pushing was my favorite part
it was such a cool & surreal feeling
she had me push for 10 seconds & rest till my next contraction
i could feel my contractions coming on so i was the one saying
"okay here comes another!"
with each push i could feel him descending
i knew where his head was
i knew where his shoulders were
seriously the most amazing feeling ever

in the middle of pushing
josh turned to me & said, "he's got hair babe!!!"
it made me push harder . . .
 photo b6_zps717a2aa0.jpg
after 15 minutes of pushing
our little miracle arrived in my arms
that feeling . . .
it was like time stopped.
to look into his eyes & speak to him, "i'm your mumma, mumma's right here."
& for him to calm down, recognize your voice, & simply stare at you with such love.
there's no words to describe that feeling!
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 photo b9_zpsf6492d78.jpg
 photo b11_zps9d8fde84.jpg
Brix Van Wright
Born on Friday December 13, 2013
at 1:21 p.m.
weighing 6 pounds 0 ounces
19.5 inches long
pure perfection!!!
 photo b10_zps52883e46.jpg
after 2 minutes of holding him they had to take him away & run some tests
josh went with him

i was sent to my maternity room & waited by myself for my loves
i waited 3-4 hours
i was wondering what the heck was going on!!!
during those hours i was balling, they took my baby away
this was the time i wanted to nurse & bond
sitting there still a bit numb realizing how alone i really was
my baby was no longer with me all the time in my belly
i was freaking out . . .was something wrong?

finally josh called me & told me what was going on
they had been trying to get an ivy into my little guy
he had been poked over 10 times, on both hands & his little head
hearing this just broke my heart, knowing that i couldn't be there killed me
they finally got one in on the top of his head
 photo b12_zps90586bc1.jpg
we found out that his blood sugars were way low & had to be admitted in to the NICU
my heart just hurt!
ya know . . . you always dream of having your baby in your arms & going to your room with them
having visitors come meet him
sleeping with him
counting down the hours for when we get to bring him home
nope, that went right out the window for us
 photo b14_zpsb68343a6.jpg
 photo b13_zps236918d6.jpg
 photo b18_zps5ceb6cc8.jpg
we were there for 3 days after he was born
he had to be pricked on his heel every couple of hours to test his blood sugar levels
his heel was purple
saddest thing ever!
he was so so so tiny
he had so many cords all over him
he had to be on oxygen cause they think he aspirated a little bit when he was born
he had to wear a cute little mask & be under lights for bilirubin (which he actually liked)
it's was hard to try & nurse him or even hold him
seriously the saddest little thing ever!
 photo b15_zps6fd0e978.jpg
 photo b19_zpsb193fe9a.jpg
the NICU nurses just fell in love with him & had high hopes that he'd be out of there soon
josh & i were exhausted & just wanted to be with our little boy at home

finally we got to take him home on 16th
BEST FEELING! such relief to know that our lil Brix was perfectly healthy!

our little baby was born but josh & i were also born into a mother & father! greatest gift ever!
 photo b17_zps76f11b37.jpg
we love you unconditionally baby Brix! were so lucky to be your parents!