October 30, 2014

my moon . . .

the WHOLE time i was pregnant with my lil guy brix
i was so inspired & in awe over the moon
i really don't know why
maybe because it made me stop
look up & stare
realizing how beautiful life is
how amazing it was to be growing a sweet babe
& how grateful i was to be pregnant

that love for the moon became kinda of "thing" for me
his nursery was decorated around the moon
i collect books for him that are about the moon
i stop & stare at him everyday
he reminds me how life can be so simple & beautiful
he is my moon
him & his daddy are my life(&my sweet pups too)

so therefore for his first H A L L O W E E N
he was the M O O N

cutest moon i ever did see!
 photo brixhalloweenblog1_zps87c64c69.jpg
 photo brixhalloweenblog2_zps109c0eff.jpg
 photo brixhalloweenblog3_zpse7e68782.jpg

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