October 13, 2014

pumpkin for my 10 month lil punkin . . .

this time of year is always just sooo good for the soul
who doesn't love fall

brix loved the pumpkins
he would point & say ooooooooo
being a parent is such a gift
to watch him discover all the many things that this world has to offer
it's incredible!

& can anybody tell me how my baby just turned 10 months today!
how do these months go by so fast, it kills me & i'm sure all you mummas can relate

brix is so smart & very very observant
he is starting to say doggie, ducky, bye bye, & were thinking he is trying to say water
this last week he took about 7 steps on his own
his hair is really coming in & blonde as can be
he still LOVES sweet potatoes
his new favorite food is pancakes with applesauce
still no teeth
he enjoys pointing at everything
his favorite toys are any kind of ball, oh & he can say bahhh (that means ball)
when we read him books he jibbers right along with us
& my most favorite is he loves to love, cuddles all day long, & really enjoys being in bed with mumma & daddy!

he is the sweetest little boy & i'll say it over & over again . . . i'm so lucky to be his mum!

now . . .
halloween is just right around the corner & so many of you have asked what are you going to dress up your lil guy as ?
& your doggies ?

well my people . . .
it's gonna be a GOOD one!
i can't wait ! ! !
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fivecutekids said...

I love all of this happiness for you gorgeous girl. xoxo