June 13, 2014

6 months . . .

today is june, friday the 13th
my baby Brix Van Wrights half year birthday

i can't believe how fast time has flown

you think time flies when your having fun
just wait till you have a kid
people aren't kidding when they say it goes soooo fast!

i love being a mum
i love being his mum!


your such a good baby boy for your mumma & dadda
you make us laugh more than we ever have in our lives
all the baby milestones you have gone through are such a treasure to watch

right now we are introducing you to foods
& man do you love food! you chunked right up when we started rice cereal
but your absolute favorite food to eat right now are sweet potatos

you love to wake us up by jibber jabbering to yourself
you watch pocket & monday like their the most amazing thing you've ever seen
drool drool drool, your a drool monster & were just waiting for those teefies to show up

your little chubby feet are full of so much expression
you are constantly putting them in your mouth & trying so hard to grab things with them
especially dadda's beard

didn't think i would have a blanky baby
you roll your eyes back every time i snuggle it up against your face
it's so soft & fluffy you just rub it with your fingers & toes till you fall asleep
you have to have it every time it's nap time too

water is your favorite thing!
swimming, taking a tub, splashing, trying to lean down to drink it,
or just simply putting your hand in a bowl of water
you LOVE it!

you HATE having your nose cleaned
it takes mum & dad both to pick your nose
silly boy

you would rather stand than sit
you've mastered the whole rolling over stage
grandmum has taught you to kiss & to watch you do it to her . . . it's the sweetest thing

you laugh at the most random things lately like,
mums legs moving up & down on the floor
if we stare at you, you just do this little giggle which is our fav
or just the sound of a really high voice you laugh

you make this face we call the popeye face
it's where you bite down on your gums & push your lips out . . .it's tooo cute!

lil man you have completely taken over your parents hearts!
we LOVE you SO much . . . it's indescribable how much we LOVE you!
can't wait to see what the next 6 months have in store...but you can take your sweet time our precious little baby boy!

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 photo 6months2_zpsab4664e5.jpg
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