June 03, 2014

i'm back!

well hello!
it's time to get back into what i love doing

but i'm going to ease slowly back into it.
so friends, i'm back up & running if you would like photos done! yay! 
email me at mnwphoto@gmail.com

i'm so bad at getting all my film work up
i'm going to be better at doing that! i promise!
this shoot happened 2 years ago . . .  serious!
i'm horrible haha
but it's still my favorite shoot i've ever done! & the film just makes it. . . boom boom pow! 

my sweet friends zane & miranda just got married this last month & i couldn't be happier for this good looking couple! i'm actually going to be doing another shoot with them in their wedding attire . . . so more to come of them! cant' wait!

& i have to publicly thank an old friend Troy Demill for letting me borrow his bad ass land cruiser (which i've always been obsessed with) it was the perfect touch for this shoot! not to mention i LOVE the pukey yellow/greenish color!

so for now my friends . . . i'm back!
 photo mzb1_zps8ff3a861.jpg
 photo mzb2_zpsa1b06c27.jpg
 photo mz3_zpsa36535a0.jpg
 photo mzb4_zpsedc13c3d.jpg
 photo mzb5_zpsa2461667.jpg
 photo mzb6_zps51d79a2c.jpg
 photo mzb7_zps31b08ddf.jpg
 photo mzb8_zps88829d52.jpg
 photo mzb9_zps26045cf1.jpg
 photo mzb10_zpsca3eaaef.jpg
 photo mzb11_zps53b9be6e.jpg
 photo mzb12_zpsd045d32a.jpg
 photo mzb13_zps0125d4cc.jpg
 photo mzb14_zpsa1c7e508.jpg
 photo mzb15_zps258f5f7b.jpg
 photo mzb16_zps1fbd39c9.jpg
 photo mzb17_zpsac76140e.jpg
 photo mzb18_zpsb8548f79.jpg
 photo mzb19_zps50c70d75.jpg
 photo mzb20_zpsc3ce32fd.jpg
 photo mzb21_zps17003002.jpg
 photo mzb22_zps71f2ff06.jpg
 photo mzb23_zpsf36b9111.jpg
 photo mzb24_zpscb953999.jpg
 photo mzb25_zps280627fc.jpg
 photo mzb26_zps0bb45cb6.jpg
 photo mzb30_zps08a208b1.jpg
 photo mzb34_zps7984552b.jpg


LindseyBee said...

Uh. Freaking amazing. I've missed your photography so much! Miranda looks stunning.

Steffany Hamilton said...

You just keep getting better and better! You truly are an amazing artist my friend!

mnwphotography said...

Your so sweet Steff! Thanks so much! Miss you!