December 04, 2013

38 weeks . . . & xmas traditions . . .

#38 weeks . . .
i thought i would never see that number coming
it's the MOST surreal thing to me
especially as the due date is getting closer

right now i'm feeling very very anxious
to meet him
& to have absolutely everything ready for his arrival
from hospital bag . . . to outfit . . . to car . . . to home . . . even to his name

so many people ask
"have you thought of any names?"
which is totally fine asking
i don't mind
honestly . . . i have had the hardest time coming up with a name for this lil boy
to name your very own blood line
it's a lot of pressure
we have some names we really like but i have to see him & hopefully one will click

right now i am also feeling quite uncomfortable 
which is normal . . . right?!
maneuvering around is tough
from getting in bed to getting out
from getting into the car to getting out of the car
from picking up something off the floor 
to getting up from the floor
seriously . . .
i'm officially a penguin 

but its so hard to sleep
my hips
my hips
oh my womanly voluptuous hips
they go numb in like 15 minutes from sleeping on each side
i'm ready for that to go away
 photo branch1_zps6225b93f.jpg
truly though . . .
being pregnant is the most magical & amazingly miraculous thing any woman can go through
we feel so blessed to be chosen to be his mumma & daddy
2 weeks ! ! ! 
were going nuts over here cause were all so excited
especially since it's the first grandkid on both sides of our families

to my sweet baby boy,
we are awaiting your entrance into this world
the feelings between your mumma & daddy are unexplainable
we are so over joyed 
to become a family with you

love . . . love me do
you know i love you
so pleeeease . . .
love me do!
 photo branch2_zpsb71bee24.jpg
 photo branch3_zpsab39dbac.jpg
 photo branch4_zps9700987b.jpg
our yearly lil family christmas traditions

as a child i grew up with my own mini tree in my room
i made my own decorations
& strung the lights on it
it made my whole childhood so magical for christmas
& was a fantastic night light
(i'm afraid of the dark, even to this day. . . yeah i know)

every year since we have been married(4)
we go out into the wondrous white land
or across the street 
haha shhhhh . . .
& scout out the perfect bare branch

why a bare branch?
cause they are just as beautiful to me as a lively green leafy branch
we had bare branches i painted white at our wedding reception
trees are very meaningful to josh & i
ever since "our" beginning

we found this huge long branch thats about 8 ft long
we bring it home & hang it above our bed or put it in a corner
then we string lights on it
& put very simple glass ornaments on the limbs

i love the look
the ambiance in our room is both romantic & jolly
makes us feel little again
the spirit of christmas is definitely thrown up in out home
i'll be posting more images 
of our merry home soon
so stay tuned. . . 

ps. i have been crafting it up everyday . . . i swear
just to keep my mind off of 
wanting to go into labor
& meeting our mini  mr. wright
 photo branch5_zps31ed9362.jpg
 photo branch6_zps0fc32357.jpg
 photo branch7_zps1bb6d997.jpg
 photo branch8_zps6331daa9.jpg
we love our pocket & monday
soooo much
we know that they're both going to be great with him
i know they can't wait to meet each other!
 photo branch9_zps5d874249.jpg
here is the end result of the branch . . . 
we chose it to be above our bed
don't worry 
josh screwed that thing in so tight
it's going know where

isn't it pretty! oh so pretty!
our favorite color is green
i found these simple blown glass ornaments couple years back at crate & barrel
bonus: they were on clearance
some of my favorite ornaments i have!

family christmas traditions that are past down are so much fun
but creating your own . . .  for your new family
it's pretty cool if i do say so myself
we'll probably have a branch like this in each of my kiddies rooms one day . . .
 photo branch11_zps1e6337f7.jpg
 photo branch10_zps761a4689.jpg

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Kenz said...

Such a beautiful mumma! You're so close. I'm very excited for you!!

And I LOVE the tree branch above your bed. It's so rustic and beautiful.