November 26, 2013

my 2 furry magical unicorns . . .

better now than never . . . right?!
it's taken me awhile to get these images posted
but i had to do it
even if it is turkey day in 2 days

yes, i'm that crazy dog owner that loves to treat my animal like humans
i love them
& i enjoy dressing them up for the holidays

this last summer i gave them a bunch of buzzed haircuts
& it came to me . . .
this year for halloween i can shave them into little unicorns
ding ! ! !

it took awhile to shave them & color their manes & tails with washable marker
but it was worth it ! ! !

how freaken cute are they! hahaha

i already know what i'm doing for next years costume  . . .

mumma loves you pocket & monday!
hope this makes you smile!

 photo unicorns1_zpsd99b9cb9.jpg
 photo unicorns2_zps3e937443.jpg
 photo unicorns3_zpse12ce15b.jpg
 photo unicorns4_zps5eff7915.jpg
 photo unicorns5_zps1d551b49.jpg
 photo unicorns6_zps7c5a961c.jpg
 photo unicorns7_zpsedeb2a63.jpg
 photo unicorns8_zps3117c194.jpg
 photo unicorns9_zps6fab5741.jpg
 photo unicorns10_zpsd880235a.jpg
 photo unicorns11_zpsc3a9d740.jpg
 photo unicorns12_zpsd7bf9a68.jpg
 photo unicorns13_zpsf1957d7f.jpg

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