December 09, 2013

keshia the beautiful . . . part 1

in celebration to all this winter snow
i thought i would finally post some of my film work i did last year

yes . . . i know i'm way behind

sometimes being any type of artist 
you hit a rut in your work
like you need some new inspiration
change of scenery
different subjects with different concepts

this was one of those shoots
plus it's another one of my first shoot with just all film

gosh i love film!

my stunning friend keshia was so kind to be my muse
can i just say . . . you can't go wrong with a face like keshia's
her skin
her hair
her coloring
her lips
i'm lucky to call her my friend!

part 2 will be coming up . . .

p.s mini mr.wright update:
9 more days till DD
i would love if he came now
i'm trying to keep my self busy busy
cause once i stop
i start to go nuts
i'm so excited!!!
so baby boy . . . mumma's ready for some pain
cause that means
your on your way ! ! !

 photo kwinter1_zpsfb3c1952.jpg
 photo kwinter2_zps6d073770.jpg
 photo kwinter3_zps1f26dc7f.jpg
 photo kwinter4_zps5e67b150.jpg
 photo kwinter5_zps1d40885b.jpg
 photo kwinter6_zps3cc932a1.jpg
 photo kwinter7_zpscda3e0ff.jpg
 photo kwinter8_zps37b22da1.jpg
 photo kwinter9_zps041e92af.jpg
 photo kwinter10_zpsd0a977a6.jpg
 photo kwinter11_zps0b0bd854.jpg
 photo kwinter12_zps35c2aea3.jpg
 photo kwinter13_zps49c476bd.jpg
 photo kwinter14_zps95c74b87.jpg
 photo kwinter15_zpsb909de73.jpg
 photo kwinter16_zps66b83d7c.jpg
 photo kwinter17_zps8d8940e7.jpg
 photo kwinter18_zpsd3e94735.jpg
 photo kwinter19_zps4273302a.jpg
 photo kwinter20_zpsbfa1cebe.jpg
 photo kwinter21_zps2b0e7924.jpg
 photo kwinter22_zps2f670598.jpg
 photo kwinter23_zpsdeb2a695.jpg

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Cami said...

Oh my gosh!! Absolutely gorgeous!!