November 18, 2013

pumpkin patch 2013...

gosh i have been awful lately at keeping up with my blog
being pregnant
especially in the last trimester
i'll admit, it's a bit tough sitting on the computer for more than 2 hours.

so . . .
from now on i am going to try my best to play catch up
i have so much to share
& i'll regret it if i don't get going on it now!

lets rewind back to the beginning of october
it's a yearly tradition to take the doggies to the pumpkin patch & pick punkins.

my pocket & monday are so good
no really!
it's freaky their so good
they act like little humans in front of the camera
& are very well mannered around crowds of people
let's just say we're very proud parents haha

plus . . . they both take the cutest pictures!

 photo pp1_zps485d3570.jpg
 photo pp2_zps0125f413.jpg
 photo pp3_zpscb17958b.jpg
 photo pp4_zps65030d85.jpg
 photo pp5_zps39b2e129.jpg
 photo pp6_zps827edfda.jpg

i'm about 29 weeks here
one morning i woke up & didn't even recognize my face
i had a bit of breakdown
i tried doing de-puffing masks, put cold cloths on my face, watched my salt intake, 
started drinking a ton of water (on top of what i already was consuming), & exercised more.

nothing worked.
welcome . . . please make your self at home STUPID EDEMA!
i'm on track with my weight & no signs of other complications
i'm not puffy or swollen on my hands or feet . . . just my face
you dream of becoming pregnant
& finally when it happens
your body is taken over
it is not yours anymore
things you thought you would go through like getting the wondrous pregnancy glow
well . . . it was there in the beginning haha 
for me at least
some women are so lucky & glow their whole pregnancy
but me

i have pregnant face & it won't go away till after birth.
but . . . i'm learning to embrace my pregnancy face
i asked for it  . . . right?!!!
my mini man is absolutely positively worth every symptom i'm going through 
& i wouldn't have it any other way!

lets just say i've become more voluptuous :)

 photo pp7_zpsf5d01ad7.jpg
 photo pp8_zps8f320cf6.jpg
 photo pp9_zps9c7b997a.jpg
 photo pp12_zpsbb954108.jpg
i will be trying to post everyday. . . or every other day
but stay tuned!
pocket & monday's halloween costumes 
will hit the blog this week!

they are to die for ! ! !

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