September 03, 2013

film part I

i have been receiving a bunch of emails about my photography biz

i want to let you all know that i will ALWAYS do photography
it's apart of my every day life
i could never turn my back on my beloved clickers

right now . . .

at this time in my life
i am not booking any sessions for awhile

reason being . . .
i want to enjoy every single second of this pregnancy
& prepare for my little man to arrive
i have waited too long to not enjoy this little miracle inside me

i will probably start things back up beginning of next summer
so keep that in mind my friends!
i also will be switching my digital photography work to all film
no ifs, ands, or buts...

now that that's said...
i want to show off some of my personal film work i have been working on the past couple of years
it's been a long time coming
but...the results are everything i have been looking & feeling for
it's so dreamy
film finally captures what is in my heart & head

at the beginning of last summer i took these frames
& have been dying to share them
i was waiting for my new branding & website to be up to present these
but things fell through

it's now time to get share these gems!

meet the lovely mademoiselle miranda
& her manly gent zane

these 2 are blissful
& i am so lucky they volunteered to be my models for this film project of mine
they couldn't be more perfect for my vision
this was my first official shoot that i used all film & not any digital
pretty proud of myself

i can't believe how they turned out
it was hard
to not look at your work instantly to fix what needs fixin
to wait 3 or so weeks for the 5 rolls to finally come back from the lab
but by golly
SO worth every penny & minute!

this is part I
i will be posting part II soon
& much much more!

 photo mzb1_zps5570c80b.jpg
 photo mzb2_zpsdef90c42.jpg
 photo 3_zps54745499.jpg photo mzb5_zpsbcbcb1cd.jpg
 photo mzb4_zpsf6d318cd.jpg
 photo mxb6_zps89b318f6.jpg
 photo mzb7_zps30b51c79.jpg
 photo mzb9_zps0275b266.jpg
 photo mzb8_zpsdfbc9b46.jpg
 photo mzb12_zpsdb81d15f.jpg
 photo mzb10_zpsd154e5ce.jpg
 photo mzb11_zpse3e6a087.jpg
 photo mzb13_zps8ca14b1e.jpg

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