November 20, 2013

252 days = 36 weeks today . . .

 photo 35weeks7_zpsd08d091f.jpg
today my lil man is 36 weeks
i can't believe it
he is going to make his grand entrance into this world . . . 
right into mumma & daddy's arms
in 4 weeks!

complete & pure joy is going on in our home

right now i am so anxious to meet him
to see him
to hear that lil cry
to smell MY newborn baby
to hold his lil diaper bum
to stare at him for hours
to kiss his soft baby skin
to hold him so close & never let go
to talk to him
to bond with him
& to know that i carried him inside me 
& helped him grow
& for him to know that i'm his mumma
 photo 35weeks3_zpsf19e5f1a.jpg
being a pregnant wife
compared to being just my normal wifey self
it's been a challenge
as women we are so privileged to carry a tiny human being inside of us
we get to experience so so so much
sleep/awake cycles
growing belly
i could go on & on & on & on

what i'm trying to get to is that the husband doesn't get to really experience much
sure, he gets to see his wife change before his eyes
he gets to feel the movements outside the tummy
but . . .
it's not the same bonding as the mumma gets to go through

joshua is SO anxious
he can't wait to meet his little gent
if you know josh
he will pick up any kid he see's
play with them until he freaks out the parents haha
he has always wanted to be a daddy
since the day i met him! 

during pregnancy
i have so badly tried to think of ways for him to connect
like i do with him inside me
but  . . .
it's just not the same
although, getting his nursery ready
& buying all the big purchases
i sit & watch josh very intently
it's like christmas for josh
he can't wait for them to be delivered to the door
he can't wait to open everything up & assemble everything
that has been quite precious to see!

i know the moment that josh gets to hold his baby boy
it's going to bring something out in josh that is going to be incredible to watch
i tear up just thinking about it haha!

joshua baby, 
your going to be one of a kind father
our lil guys is so lucky to have you!
 photo 35weeks6_zps546fe7f4.jpg
 photo 35week1_zpsf733cb6b.jpg
 photo 35weeks4_zpsff94836a.jpg
now ladies  . . .
the crazy things that i have learned about being pregnant
#1. no body really tells you in detail what pregnancy is going to do to your body 
or what your going to go through deeply

i'm simply going to make a pros & cons list to lay it out for ya
& i'm going to completely honest
cause i'm done with people telling me other wise or that they have forgotten
makes you feel like your the only pregnant women going through this
& i know i'm not

before i say anything
this is my experience
i know that there are really women out there that have the dreamiest of pregnancies
i do
& maybe it's different when your carrying a boy or a girl

also i want you all to know how GRATEFUL & THANKFUL & BLESSED i am to be pregnant. i know a lot of woman who are struggling with infertility & probably wanting to slap my face!
 & your all probably saying under your breath "just enjoy it all, at least your pregnant"
your completely right ladies! 

but pregnancy is a whole other world
it's hard
your not yourself
your body is being taken over for 9+ months
especially being pregnant for the first time
everything your experience is brand new & very unknown
but i wouldn't change it for ANYTHING!

i'll start with cons at 36 weeks:
-my hips go numb sleeping on my sides, i change position every 20-30 minutes
when i awake in the morning i have to walk off the throbbing from my mushy hips . . it hurts
-i have major back acne, it's awful & nothing helps to prevent it
-i'm a grease ball, my hair, my skin, my clothes & my sheets. i guess this is what they call the "pregnancy glow"???
-i smell like a teenage boy going through puberty. it's disgusting. i have tried everything from showering twice a day sometimes. i have the clinical deodorant, i even wore josh's deodorant & it didn't work. 
-all my maternity clothes are becoming too tight. it's down to dresses now. i'm too close to birth to go buy any more maternity clothes. i'll just wear josh's clothes :)
-one word . . . edema of the face. it's just a pregnancy feature & lots of woman do get it but man! . . . you just don't feel like your self looking in the mirror. there have been times when i am feeling refreshed & energized & people say to me . . . "gosh mal, you look beautiful but exhausted" 
awesome, thanks! it's the puffy face grrrr
-you can't "up keep" down below. . . know what i'm saying ladies. i can't see it anymore. i've become a jungle woman :( 
-i was obsessed with doing my toenails & nails every week. yeah thats out the window. my toenails are so long i started to look like bigfoot. thank goodness for josh. he has really become a great pedicurist! 
- i get really emotional or angry if i'm not fed at a precise time, yup, i've become a monster.
-menuvering is a challenge, getting up from the couch, getting in & out of a vehicle. 
-i hate to say this but it's happens . . . using those lovely panty liners. stuff comes out. it's gross & you think of all the ways to prevent that. forget it. just embrace it.
-i am more than a heater. i'm a volcano ready to erupt. even this fall i am still sweating in every crevice. i have hot flashes all the time. just when you have done your makeup & are feeling good. . . it just melts away after 10 minutes. 
-i'm still so tired & fatigued all the time. but i know it's just preparing me for when he is here.

pros at 36 weeks:
-feeling feeling feeling that sweet baby inside you growing. knowing that your doing everything to take care of this little human being. you WILL do anything!
-my hair is thicker, it's nice during but everyone says it's going to fall out. . . great
-i love having size D cup haha lets just say josh likes that too :)
-even though my skin is's really quite soft
-when you eat a meal being pregnant & your stuffed. . .no body can tell haha you can just let it all out!
-i have noticed every where you go, people are SO nice to you because your pregnant. they smile at you & your belly. they always ask "how are you doing, how far are you, you have the cutest belly, here let me get a cart for you, i'll get your groceries, or give you a price match list to save money"(thats happened twice) & it's all very genuine!
-when shopping for baby clothes. . .knowing that your actually going to put it on your baby, that your the one that is pregnant & your not just buying this for someone else or your future babies. 
-your husband will get anything & everything for you. . . it's soooo nice. definitely not taking that for granted! 

i know there are more but i can't think of anything else at this point. plus i'm tired haha
i will put more things up next week i'm sure.

i honestly am just SO much more excited to get him here! 
this is the home stretch & i'll be counting down the days!
 photo 35weeks5_zps154c9961.jpg
 photo 35weeks2_zpsc0a61a88.jpg
baby boy! you are so loved already! 
4 more weeks!!!
you are going to be one spoiled lil baby, you already are & you haven't even arrived!

these are some of my maternity photographs by my wonderful friend. . . the amazing lindsey stewart


Kenz said...

I love this post so much. It's so true. The pros, and the cons. One of my biggest cons is that I'm STILL throwing up. I really can't wait to stop, haha. I just want to be a normal person again. But most importantly I'm excited to be a normal person and HAVE our little person at the same time. Your pictures are so beautiful. You look amazing. Your gent is going to be sooo handsome. I'm so excited for you!

Kjersti Helberg said...

Okay first off you are beautiful and you look incredible! Especially being thirty six weeks I mean seriously girl you are like a knockout! I'm jealous! I don't look that good on a regular not pregnant day.

Second tourist of cons cracked me up. The upkeep the panty liners and the toenails. Mark would kill me for saying this but he painted my toenails more than once and got pretty good! :-) I'm so excited for you and love reading your blog.

Jadie Jo said...

Mal! You are so lovely! I can't wait to meet your little man! Having you and Josh as his mummy and daddy I know he will be the most gorgeous little thing. And thank you for opening up and being so honest about your pregnancy. One day I'll think back to all this and know I'm not alone. :)

mnwphotography said...

Kenz! You poor thing, my heart goes out to you! I got very lucky and have not had any morning sickness my whole pregnancy. And I totally agree, I can't wait to be myself with our baby boy here haha Thanks again sweet lady! So excited for you guys as well!!!

Kjersti, thank you thank you! You are so kind! I rarely get ready being pregnant, so my maternity pics caught me on a good day haha I love that your husband did your toenails too, isn't it just the sweetest thing for them to do! Thank again!

Mz Jadie! Miss you girl! Thank you so much! I can't wait to meet him and see him, thats what I'm most anxious about right now! I would love for you to come meet him when he arrives, I know he'd love to meet you!