August 06, 2013

little gent OR little lady....???

finally i am able to tell the world what this little lovely bubby is ! ! !
tomorrow i will be 21 weeks
we have been holding it in for 6 weeks
but now it's time ! ! !

of course we made a video & had a gender reveal party
i must say
the gender reveal party was such a fun & great idea
we're so lucky to have such loving & awesome family & friends
who were able to share this moment with us! love you guys!

so whats baby going to be . . .

it's a . . . . . . .

 photo grp1_zps9e322417.jpg

 photo grp2_zpsbd926984.jpg

 photo grp3_zps605a63b5.jpg

 photo grp4_zps0309a546.jpg

 photo grp5_zps481ab66c.jpg

 photo grp6_zpsec245fc4.jpg


 photo grp9_zpsd2af243a.jpg

 photo grp7_zpsac1b0366.jpg

 photo grp8_zpse75ee45b.jpg

we are ecstatic & sooo pumped to meet our little man!

i was 15 weeks when we found out
my sweet joshua surprised me by taking me to fetal photo
we weren't supposed to find out till i was 19 weeks

we both had a pretty good feeling it was a boy
just by what i was craving & how my body is changing
i swear i've turned into a teenage boy with all the symptoms i'm having

but the ultrasound showed that he was 100% boy! 
boys do run on both sides & we sensed it . . .

we also had an ultrasound at 19 weeks
i would have put up that ultrasound but my little man just loves to move move move
we couldn't get a great shot of him 

but he looks like a healthy healthy boy
& i can't believe i'm going to be his mumma!

video's have been done be the taleted aubrey howell

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