July 09, 2012

i love july 9th...

today is my long haired, green eyed, handsome,
& yummy husbands 24th birthday.
i love celebrating his birth & i
am sooooo thankful he was born just for me!

right now he has an obsession with ice cream sandwiches
this kid eats at least one full box a week...
& it has to be target market pantry brand.
what's not fair is....he doesn't gain a pound from it...right!
so since he has such a weakness for these
chocolate cookie & vanilla ice cream goodies

i made him an ice cream sandwich cake for his birthday!

it's the cutest thing! looks easy to make but man...my little sis & i
spent the whole afternoon making it.

by the way...my little sister londyn is in town!
i'm the happiest older sister ever!
she's due for some new pictures...so you'll be seeing her pretty face soon!

any way...happy birthday my sweetness! i love you!
this is one of my absolute favorite pictures of josh on his 2nd birthday
he sure is trying so hard to blow out those tall, gigantic candles... hahaha
i love it!

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