July 06, 2012


change can be great or not so great!
this change in my career is a HUGE step for me!
& this change has actually made me discover myself...ME...in the photography industry.

i'm announcing today that some of my work is going to
be shot on film. YES...film!
& by the end of this year i hope to be a full fledge legit film photographer. YAY!

wonderful, pure, amazing, clean, dreamy, creamy....film...oh yes!


i have been kicking my self for the last year to get into film
to take a big leap & give it try
take a chance...take some risks...invest

it's only been a couple of months having my film camera
testing the gigots & gadgets out...
i found that i'm actually quite comfortable with it
that i'm actually feeling like...this is it!

i'm just a new bee to the film world...but i'm here to stay...forever!
i want to learn more & grow grow grow...

i know i posted a preview of this couple but....
i'm posting another one...but with my film work instead!

i'm completely in LOVE with it!

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Anonymous said...

ahhh the joy of film!!!