March 01, 2011

lovely items of the day...

i came across these bowls when i was planning my wedding and was completely obsessed with them. there an item on the internet that i look at once a week and just go gooo gooo gahhh gahhh over them. my mum is a lover of bowls and she has really opened my eyes to all the fabulous bowls out there. she has millions in her home that i want to steal.....hmmmhmmm. so thanks mum for getting me attached to the beauty of day my dream kitchen will have a whole gigantic shelf of them.
loyal loot collective has some unique home decor idea's but i am in LOVE with there bowl collection and i will own a dozen of them one day.

i have a will notice i have a lot of problems...and this addiction is all about nail polish. seriously each time i go to the store to pick up something, it's a habit for me to pick out another new color of nail polish. i paint my nails at least 2-3 times a week if i have time, my nail polish collection i have about 50 bottles, i would have more but some of them go all gooey. it's one of my favorite things to do, relaxes me, makes my fingers and toes happy and look healthy. i love to find out what brands of nail polish are the best for your buck, here is one brands that i appreciate called Scotch. they have muted colors which i love and the polish actually stays on for a week without chipping. kind of a pricey bottle but soooo worth it.

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