February 28, 2011

today i got to playin with my furry children and wanted to take photo's of them of course! so here is our play date... we just want it to be warm so bad... we imagined ourselves doing warm sunny things....can ya tell hee hee....love my pupps!
happy monday everyone.


jadie said...

Haha hey I have actually wanted to do that picture on the ground thing myself! Lol love it! The pups are a good touch!

B said...

Those are so cute Mal, did you make the little dress?

Anonymous said...

CUTE!!! Mallory!! I love what you do with your dogs :)


mnwphotography said...

thanks jadiejo, my pups are my favorite muses! You should do it, it was so easy and fun!
B, pshhhh i wish, no i got that dress awhile ago for pocket:)
thanks me little sis, use what you have and why not play with my pretty little pupps!

Rebekah said...

Oh my gosh, these are so cute!!!!!