February 10, 2011

close your eyes...feel

music is life.
music has a huge part in my life.
music moves the sole.
music is a need to my sole.

life has so many things going on in it and i relate to probably one song a week that pumps me up and takes me away from reality, i love learning about new artists and new sounds. so i want to share with you my music inspirations once a week...hope you don't mind

Adele.....wow. what a powerful, smoky, lively, unique, contagious and gorgeous voice. this song is insanely catchy and clever. she was born to sing. can't wait to get her album coming out february 22 called Adele 21.


Joanna Taylor said...

Oh how I LOVE Adele. :)

Cami said...

I really like Adele, and I LOVE her voice!! I hadn't heard this song, but I love it. Thanks for sharing. I think it's stuck in my head now. But that's ok by me. :)