February 09, 2011


this post is a random and a personal story that i thought i'd share to anyone who wants there special someone to grow out there hair....haha

first off....i'm a sucker when it comes to long dirty hair on men....even when little boys have that bohemian shaggy classy rocker look...i think it just sooooo gooood looookin...

my husband and i made a bet last march of 2010 that he would grow his hair out to 13 inches and in return i would give him an hour massage once a week. it's almost been a year since he started and it's been tough on my part cause...c'mon....an hour long massage every week.....seriously what was i thinking. joshua has gone through the awkward stages and it's finally grown to be about 6 inches...he still has a long way too go but......I LOVER IT!!! so look forward to month to month updates until it reaches 13 inches...

i will take an updated picture every month, so the next one is the beginning of march....just you wait...oh and don't mind these pictures...not edited

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