June 15, 2010

Everything & the Kitchen Sink....

We've been up to everything....I haven't had anytime to work. So I'm letting you all know what the heck is going on....I've been getting ready to move out of our first place and it's actually been kinda emotional for me. This was my husband and I's first home together and we have made a lot of priceless memories here, not to mention we have learned a lot about bills....blah! So were down sizing but it's going to be totally worth it and then one day I will have my very own home to destroy the way I want it....YES!

It's a crazy time in my life and I promise there will be lots of posts once we get settled in, as for now thanks for being my trusty fellow bloggers and I'll be back soon so don't forget about me!!!!

1 comment:

Gavin and Lauren said...

Holy cow, Mal. YOU ARE TAN!!! :)