February 17, 2013

the hardest part...

i have been planning & brainstorming for quite some time
needing to get out & shoot something that would bring me out of my winter rut 
i wanted to do a winter shoot to show how beautiful the snow can be 

my wonderful friend was my inspiration
her face...ahh...flawless beauty
i styled the hair, makeup, & attire
this was an all film shoot
the photograph below is digital though
i only took a couple so that we could see what it was going to look like
my scans won't be here for awhile
& that's the hardest part
so i'm glad i got a shot to ease my patience...

thank you keshia for your beautiful spirit & friendship
even though the dress ripped
worried if the ice fishers were staring at your frozen tushie
snot was running out of our noses
standing on a frozen lake wondering if we were going to fall in
& can't forget our frost bitten toes

it was memorable my friend
again...thank you for trusting me
a glimpse...
 photo k1_zps13698756.jpg

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