February 05, 2013

bakers beach...

last day in san francisco...
i was so sad it was over.
but loved every second spent.

we got to see the golden gate bridge from bakers beach. we found out after we left the beach that it was a nude beach...oh boy. i've never seen a nudey & i'm glad we didn't spot one haha
but the golden gate bride...twas breathtaking
it boggles my mind that man made it. it's massive & quite extraordinary!

the beach was very romantic.
in the images below it was sooooo dark. so yes...i cranked up my iso
i love the images & so happy i could get some side by side with my one & only...
grainy goodness for me
& i'm appreciating blurry images more & more

i'm so grateful that i got this time with my husband in san fran.
probably my favorite vacation so far to date.

i can't wait to walk, smell, & feel you again lovely city
till next time...

p.s. i haven't been posting very much because i have been working on something. something special. & this blog will be one of my personal outlets. exciting & honest things. stay tuned.
 photo 4sf2_zps07e795f4.jpg
 photo 4sf1_zpsf8d0318b.jpg
 photo 4sf3_zps06241ac0.jpg
 photo 4sf4_zps87ee6df3.jpg
 photo 4sf5_zps0e44232d.jpg
 photo 4sf6_zps27b1bc45.jpg
 photo 4sf7_zpsf5e91d3d.jpg
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 photo 4sf9_zpsfcd920ee.jpg
 photo 4sf10_zps2094f634.jpg
 photo 4sf11_zps25b83253.jpg
 photo 4sf12_zps6f31fefa.jpg

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Joanna said...

I have am enamored with you, Mal. You are so beautiful inside and out! I especially adore the OOF BW running on the beach one. It perfectly captures the feeling of your lives and your love. San Fran is such a wonderful city.