November 08, 2012


i am on the fence about choosing the winner...
i feel like who am i to judge who deserves this
so i need your help my lovely followers

i have narrowed it down to 3 entries
3 beautiful beautiful entries
a mother
a grandparent
a mum & pop
each one of them made me teary eyed
& i was dreading to choose one

i'm going to post their stories
please read through them & then go to my facebook page to vote
i will post their names individually on my wall
how you will vote is to like the one you think deserves this giveaway...
who ever has the most likes will win the giveaway
you are more than welcome to share this giveaway to any of your fb friends

i will then announce the winner on monday november 12 in the evening...

here are the 3 entries...

ashley wrote in about her sweet grandmother...

"This women is the craziest, most stubborn, feisty Irish woman I know. She is also the strongest and most giving woman I have ever met. Growing up she taught me manners, how to have a good time, laugh, cook, be strong, work hard and stand up for what I believe in. She always reminded me to remember who I am. She taught me to always work hard and to never be lazy. When I was young, she used to walk 4 miles back and forth to work every day, and maybe took 2 sick days in her life. She always tells me, you better go do something, even if its wrong. She also taught me the true meaning of service. I don't remember a day that I haven't seen her in the service of someone else. Everyone who has ever met this woman knows she is a follower of Christ and lives to serve. She helped raised me and has been one of the greatest examples in my life. I could not have been as lucky to have such an amazing grandma. (On top of it, she married the most amazing man I know, who I think is also just as deserving but I'll spare you the time)

2 years ago, we found out she had a rare cancer that is terminal. Most patients don't live through the year. No one could believe this would happen to her. But she was born a fighter, and she fought through Chemo & Radiation and at one point got a clean bill of health, so our hopes were high. However, she became sick again (which not many people knew, because she acts like nothing is wrong) and she had to go back in. She just found out that the cancer is back and too far spread. They give her 3-6 months, maybe 9-12 if the chemo will work again. Even though we knew this would happen, its hard to finally find out its the end. For years she has wanted to get a family picture done. There are many people out there who are probably just as deserving, but I know she would be very grateful. I know the family would also be grateful to have this last memory''

jordan wrote in about his lovely parents...

"I would like to nominate my beautiful parents, Richard and Marianne. 
Who are they? What makes them special to me?
These two people are the backbone of my history and a great reason for much of my happiness and my success. I love both of them more and more everyday. Without me knowing it they have taught me the kind of person that I want to be. In all the years of my life I have never heard them raise their voices to each other. No doubt they had their arguments, but they cared enough for me to take those differences behind closed doors. I admire and revere them for all their wisdom and sacrifice. Through years of consistent selflessness and love they have given me everything that a good parent should. They have taught me about service, caring, compromise, letting go and above all, love. Though they appreciate nice things and would love to have money to throw around, they have cared more about raising me up to be a good person than they have about acquiring material possessions. Which leads me to...

Why they deserve this
To start off, my parents haven't had a professional photo taken since sometime in the late 80's when overalls and colorful striped turtlenecks were popular. As the baby of the family (there are six kids in my family) I know that I and my siblings would love to have some beautiful photographs taken of our parents, photographs that we can have to remember them by for generations. I know my parents would absolutely love to have family photos taken but to speak frankly, they don't really have the money to hire a professional photographer. My mother is usually stressed with taking care of her mother who is living in our house. My grandma frequently gets sick and requires an enormous amount of attention and energy. Sometimes I get worried that my mother is starting to become jaded towards life and her situation. I want to show her that wonderful things still happen. I want to show her that people care about her and that she is not forgotten or taken for granted. She deserves something nice for all the love and sacrifice that she pours into the lives of others. Even with all the stresses in her life she still remains selfless and hard working. 

I know that this would fill her with gratitude and would be a kindness she and my father would never forget. I love your work and hope you'll consider these two amazing people for the giveaway"

natasha wrote about her courageous sister...

"I'm writing in regards to the free mini session. My beautiful little sister got pregnant while she was a senior in high school. She now has an adorable almost two year old and is an absolutely wonderful little mom. She is now pregnant with her second baby, but due to circumstances with the baby's dad, she has decided that she would like to give the baby a better life than she is able to offer him and is placing him for adoption. It was an extremely tough decision for her and the road has been hard for the whole family, but ultimately she wants what is best for the baby. She had mentioned wanting to do a maternity shoot just to have something to look back on and hold onto so I thought I would nominate her. Obviously she has made some decisions that have landed her in this position, but she is doing her best to get back on the path she should be so that she can be the best person and mom she can be. I know that this decision process for her has been emotional, and it will continue to be emotional for her for the rest of her life. But I would love for her to have these pictures to hold on to and remember that she is giving her baby more, and giving the adoptive couple a family"

thank you to all who entered!

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