October 19, 2012


to my clients who are so sweet to me...i want to thank you for your patience.
i'll be honest
i am so behind & trying my best to finish your photographs

life sure does get in the way sometimes
in good & in bad

i'm working on a few side projects
they are taking up a lot of my time
prioritizing my time is what i'm working on
lots of good things happening
things i can't wait to tell you

at this time i am only booking certain shoots for the rest of the year
so if your interested in getting some done...let me know asap:)

&......some wonderful news to tell you
it's that time of year where i want to give back
so for the rest of the month of october
if you know someone that deserves a free mini session
a family
a couple
a child
a mum & pop
a sibling
a friend
someone special in your life that deserves something good to happen to them
please email me about them mnwphoto@gmail.com
why they deserve this, who they are, & what makes them special to you
you also need to become a fan of my face book page here
be a follower of my blog
& to tell a friend about this awesome giveaway
i will announce the winner on november 1st
also....this free giveaway is going to be done all in film....yay!

for now...
this is damian & alisha..

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