May 08, 2012

sweet little soul...dory

meet dory
she has a quiet little soul
she has one trick she can do
she can shut doors
dory loves anything edible except popcorn
one of her favorite things to do is take a ride in the car
her chest hair is the cutest
and her owner
my brother tanner
they are the best of friends

i have a love for dogs. there such happy creatures to capture. if your an animal lover, you know how much it means to have a sweet photograph of them to keep forever. i carry one of my pups everywhere i go. if your interested in getting photo's done of them....please contact me at

i would love to meet them!


michelle said...

Oh, I love these Mallory!! I would like a pic to hang on the wall of her

mnwphotography said...

I'm sending one your way mummy! she's so cute!