April 22, 2012

taking off...

i will be out of office and will return all emails and phone calls on may 1st.

cancun is calling and i'm out of here.
bye bye utah.

this is the first time in a long long time that the mr. and i have gotten away for a whole week...let me just say that again....a whole week! he is in nursing school, studying full time, and working full time.so for him to have a whole 2 weeks off from everything....makes my heart so happy!

define my relaxation-
getting to hold his hand
eating everything and not caring
capturing all the beautiful things around us
breathing in every moment made
singing random happy thoughts
feeling the sun on my sad winter skin
being adventurous and trying new things
talking to new people from around the world
missing my furry children
drinking all the coke i want
making sculptures in the sand
knowing that he is by my side
being thankful for love & life!

see you soon...

1 comment:

michelle said...

Have a wonderful time Mallory and Josh! You deserve it!