March 30, 2011

and the winner is....

gosh sakes you kind, generous, & loving people! thank you so much for everyone entering! your stories were all so lovely, sweet and.....inspiring for me to love even harder! i asked each one of you to tell me what makes you so special as a couple to be chosen and you all exceeded my expectations. i didn't determine the decision on your stories.....i will not judge....oh boy....i will NOT judge your love relationships because thats not my place but i will say it's so so so so refreshing to hear how much you deeply love your mates.
i randomly chose the winner with a random chooser from, wow i just said random alot in that sentence....pardon me. i gave each one of your comments a number and also for the email i recieved, they all were ordered by the time you sent your comment and the total was 14. just wanted to let you guys know how i did this so it's completely fair. so thanks again to all my followers, i will giveaway a free session once a always stay tuned! love you all!

and now to the moment of truth......
the winner is..... #11

Amy i will send you an email soon so we can get to work on your shoot! congrats lady!

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