January 19, 2011

to all the ladies...

valentines is coming!!! what are you doing for your special someone?....hmmmmm
well THE perfect, most shocking thing you could ever do for that special someone is...a boudoir session with me!!!

February 5th
Mini Boudoir Session $150
45 Minutes session at Special Location
2 Outfit Changes
5x5 10 Page Album

email me for more information and to reserve your spot, there are only 5 spots available mnwphoto@gmail.com

what's a boudoir session you say?
the term "Boudoir" is a french word for a woman's dressing room. boudoir photography is photographs of women in lingerie. boudoir portraiture has been gaining immense popularity in recent years, especially for anniversary gifts, christmas gifts, and of course the holiday celebrating love.....valentines day gifts.

I myself did a boudoir session for my 1st year wedding anniversary. i planned for 3 months behind my husbands back picking out my outfits, working out, tanning, finding the perfect place, and making him an album to keep. the day of the shoot i was soooo nervous and shy and i couldn't believe i was doing this.... so i thought about him the whole time to ease my nerves. after the first couple of shots i really started to get in-tune with my inner woman and i LOVED the experience. it helped that the photographer was not awkward and make me feel so comfortable, she was amazing and that is important in doing something like this.
when i got my pictures back.....my jaw dropped. i was so mad at myself....for....being so hard on myself.....i looked confident, sexy, classy, and just beautiful. from that moment on i have appreciated my body and how i embrace who i am and shake what my mumma gave me haha
i started to think as i was making the album for my husband that these images will be sent down from generation to generation. that my kids, grandkids, great grandkids will all see me in my prime, especially before kids, and all the wonderful details that life puts on your body. plus my husband can keep this album forever and one day when were both old and wrinkly, he can open it up and remember who he married! that was so special to me!
the day came where i finally got to give this album to my husband....i was so excited and nervous. he opened it......his eyes, mouth, skin, all just started to glow. he was in shock. he absolutely LOVED it....he started to get choked up.....he could not believe that i would do something like this for him. he said "its the 2nd best gift that heavenly father has ever given me, and your my #1" now he hides it from me, sometimes i'll find it under his pillow, at the very top of our closet, or he will have fallen asleep with it in his arms....no joke...it's his favorite thing ever haha

this is an EXPERIENCE ladies and i want you to feel absolutely beautiful and comfortable in your skin. i am a woman and i know how and what you will be feeling but i promise you that you will have a blast by the end of the session.
so think about it and let me know, the spots will go by fast!

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