March 30, 2010


Free Giveaway!!!

I'm looking for a couple that is in need of an Engagement Session or just a couple that would like some nice new pictures to hang on there walls...How to win...
...Leave a comment about why you deserve this Session
...Leave your name and email
...Surprise Me

Winner will be picked on April 1st at 1:00 p.m.
So stay tuned and I'm excited to hear all your stories!

ALSO....if I receive more than 17 comments I will randomly pick another one and they will receive a Free Session toooooo!!! And it can be any type of session!

And I'll leave you with a Sneak Peek of tomorrows post....



tiffcady said...

A: your an amazing photographer
B: I'm getting married so running low on the cash flow
C: My brother leaves on his mission just after I get married and would love to get pictures done for my mom before he leaves.
D: You're super cute and haven't seen you forever would love to catch up. :) I hope you have a wonderful week keep the cute photos coming I love to look at them

fivecutekids said...

Hey, I don't have a partner but *I am willing to find one and become a "couple", so I can spend time with YOU. *I do have 4 of the MOST deliciously-yummy kids that I can pair up to make into a "couple". *I have a CUTE boy that is HOPEFULLY graduating from high school that we can "couple" up with a golf club. *I have 2 SUPER cute dogs that we can "couple"(not Pocket cute, but cute) *I would do ANYTHING to win a photo shoot with you and your AMAZING talent! ps I will buy you a "couple" of sugary-concoctions! I love you cute girl!

Cuter said...

I should get it because... Last time I had pictures done was at my wedding, I have had a kid since then and she just turned 1 and she has never gotten pictures done. I need BEAUTIFUL pictures done of my adorable family by the most talented photographer I have seen. So please choose me and my family to get our family photos done.

KJlovesBubba said...

I know and adore the mom of those 4 "most deliciously-yummy" kids. She posted really nice things about you on Facebook and I was intrigued. Plus I can't think of a more trustworthy person than that mom of those fabulous 4!
I have been married to my hero, an amazing man, husband and dad for almost 15 years. Last time we had pictures of us as a couple was 7 years ago, before we adopted our oldest son. He has been unemployed since the beginning of December, so paying for a photo shoot at this moment in time is next to impossible.
I would love, love, love to have some beautiful pictures of us around the house, as a reminder to our kids of how much we love each other. There is something about seeing how much your parents love each other that brings a sense of safety and peace to your soul.

Melony said...

1.)I am the Mom to 6 kids
2.) All 6 of said kids are daughters!
3.) The last of the above-mentioned 6 are naughty (yet adorable) twins.
4.)I have an awesome husband who I love more than life (most of the time anyway :) and we haven't had pictures of just us done since our wedding.
5.)The last professional pictures we had done I weighed 120+ pounds more than I do now!
6.)I love your work!
7.) Did I mention I HAVE SIX daughters???? :)

sherece said...

Mallory......your are amazing. Your photos are awesome. What talent! I will be posting you on my page too. I have to show off how talented my neighbors are :)
btw, i would love some awesome pictures of my 5 cuties!

Anonymous said...

I am NOMINATING a friend of mine that is a single mom. She has an AMAZING man in her life- It is her 2 1/2yr old little boy and soul mate. She is pregnant, but has made a couragious decision to give this new baby to 2 loving parents so she can continue to give her 2 yr old the attention he needs. They have never had professional pictures done of them together. She is an amazing mom, and friend and deserves this!

andrea said...

If I was a couple I would totally be up for it! but...since im 100% single that wouldn't work so well haha -- but I thought I would at least add to your comment list! :) But if you ever need a single woman, or mother/daughter, or someone to add to a group of people or whatev's, I'd be happy to help! You are wonderful Miss Mallory!

twokute said...

Mallory, I know what a great job you did on the pictures of my family. I am also friends with that single mom and her little boy. They are 2 peas in a pod! The perfect couple! She is an amazing person for the choice she is making in the next month- You are so talented! ;)

thadandkeisha said...

Mallory you do beautiful work and this is going to be a very tough decision you have some very deserving people to choose from i would love pics of me and my sweetheart with our cute little girl before we move to Alaska where the price for a GREAT photographer is through the roof, i have the cutest little house that i need to fill full a family pictures!! It would be so fun to spend some time with you miss you good luck with your decision!!!!

llarson said...

Mallory, I LOVE your work and have been following your pictures for a few months now! Whether I get picked or not, I just want you to know that your work is truly stunning and I have fallen in love with it!! My hubby and I have been married for almost 12 years and have never had a professional picture of us taken... not even on our wedding day!!! We now have 3 amazing little rugrats of our own, and we photograph every step of their lives like crazy, but it's rare that me and my man are ever in a picture together, because one of us is always taking it. I would love to have a session with just me and him... something for us to leave our mark on for future generations...a way for our kids to look back and remember in the happiest time of our life! Thank you so much. My site is